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We are a group of leaders that have graduated from Next Level Trainings and are on a mission to bring community service projects to an international level. Today we focus on the cause “Hurricane Relief Fund – Columbus for Puerto Rico” as a sister-foundation to Jorge and Laura Posada’s Relief Effort.


Puerto Rico’s Current Situation




According to CNN the death toll is up to 45 three weeks after hurricane maria. 113 individuals have yet to be accounted for. More than 8% of the island is without basic communication. 3.4 million people are unable to communicate with the outside world.

Food and water needs are not fully being met. Leading to residents seeking out dangerous and unsafe methods to attempt to satisfy thirst. This has led to outbreaks of scabies, conjunctivitis, and becoming deathly sick from drinking water that has become contaminated from animal feces, urine and decayed bodies.

FEMA updates

13% of  San Juan has restored electricity
79% of retail gas stations are operational
40% of customers in U.S. Virgin Islands have electricity
56% of wastewater treatment plants are run by generators
100% of federally maintained ports are open or open with restrictions in Puerto Rico
100% of airports are open or open with restrictions in Puerto Rico

On October 3rd the USNS Comfort arrived offshore to Puerto Rico The care that can be provided is compared to a U.S. level two care facility. The patient capacity is 250 beds; however due to gaps in communication only up to 33 beds have been utilized

Items are being sent yet not reaching the citizens vs Why do the supplies get stuck at the ports
Varied aid relief packages await the citizens of Puerto Rico. However, the disconnect is once the supplies arrive placing them into the hands of those in dire need of them. Crates and pallets are sitting untouched in the ports. There are no “foot soldiers” to distribute them. There is no fuel to deliver the needed supplies, food, and water.

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